Coast Guards

Role and Significance of Coast Guards

One among the noble professions of the society is the role of a coast guard. The nobility of a profession is determined based on the number of lives it can save and the work that the people of the profession render to uplift the lives of the individuals in society. In that regard the role of a coast guard in protecting and uplifting the society is vast, and thereby it is important that we a little more into the profession to understand the role and importance of a coast guard in the modern society.

Coast Guards


Coast Guards are not one of those professionals who existed right from the beginning of time as in a doctor or a teacher. This profession came into existence just about 210 years back in the year 1809. When the profession came into existence it was only a cop-based profession, a job that was launched to take care of the goods in the port and prevent smuggling activities. Later on the role and the job profile of a coast guard was expanded making it one of the prominent professions of the environment.

Role of a Coast Guard:

Apart from protecting the sea trade, from trafficking and other smuggling activities through the sea, coastguards are also assigned with other tasks. Let us see them one by one.

Search and rescue:

Coastguards are the first people to enter into the issue if there happens to be any man missing case. This has become quite often in the recent times. People tend to travel without proper protection in the waterways and might face trouble. In case if there is any relevant alarm, coastguards arrive at the spot to search and rescue the person.

Keepers of law:

Coastguards are entrusted with the task of making sure that the Maritime Law of the land is properly adhered to by the people who are a part of the sea. Maritime law, also known as the Admiralty law, was enforced to protect the rights of the sea traders and protect business activities ships, shipping or crimes. It also has under its purview the protection of conventions, agreements, and treaties that are made with regard to sea trade and naval practices.

Border control and vessel safety:

Just like land borders, there are also jurisdictions and boundaries in water bodies, which belong to a country. As far as the law is concerned the geographical boundary of a country always includes their line of control over sea area as well. This is called border control. Apart from this task, coast guards also ensure the safety of the vessel and other goods that belong to the seaports of their jurisdiction.


Though maintenance of seamarks is a separate task taken care by the naval officers and coast guards, they are very much relevant to border control and maritime law maintenance tasks as well. Seamark is nothing but protecting the navigation marks of the borders of the nation.