navy archery

Coast Guard Training

Basic training for the Coast Guard can be a gruelling experience for those who enter it. Just like training for the Air Force, or the Navy, the Coast Guard has its recruits undergo thorough training that will equip them with the skills that are needed to face any situation that they encounter.  They often train with archery related activities, including hunting. Coast Guard training occurs in New Jersey in Cape May. All of the recruits that enter into the Coast Guard are sent there for training. And they will spend a total of 53 days in Camp May. During each week the recruits are there, they will encounter a lot of training, and this post will break down their training week by week.

Water Sports for the Summer

What are some water sports to try out this summer? On lakes, rivers or by the sea, the summer can be spent very pleasantly, if you try out a bunch of different water sports. And there are many different sports that you can do. Although swimming is fun and you can do it in the vast majority of waters – …