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Coast Guard Training

What sort of experience do Coast Guards have in training?

Basic training for the Coast Guard can be a gruelling experience for those who enter it. Just like training for the Air Force, or the Navy, the Coast Guard has its recruits undergo thorough training that will equip them with the skills that are needed to face any situation that they encounter.  They often train with archery related activities, including hunting. Coast Guard training occurs in New Jersey in Cape May. All of the recruits that enter into the Coast Guard are sent there for training. And they will spend a total of 53 days in Camp May. During each week the recruits are there, they will encounter a lot of training, and this post will break down their training week by week.

First week

Week one for Coast Guard Training starts with processing and ensuring that you are prepared for the actual program. Recruits may undergo medical screening to ensure that they are fit enough to serve in the Coast Guard or even complete the training program. This is the time when recruits will also receive their uniforms for the coast guard. During the first week, recruits will also be assigned to a team and be assigned a company commander as well. Once again, they participate in training exercises involving archery and shooting.

Second Week

Further training with learning to work with a team is emphasized in week 2. During this week of Coast Guard Training, recruits will also begin their intensive physical regimen. They will be asked to run a mile every morning the moment they wake up. Recruits will also be asked to dive into the water from a six-foot platform. They will also be asked to swim 100 meters every day. During this second week of training, they will also be given their rifles, which weigh around 9 pounds. This is a week that the recruits will also begin their rifle training as well. Basic training in the classroom will also include the insignia and ranks of the Coast Guard, etc.

Third Week

The 3rd week is basically a continuation of what you did in the previous week. Recruits will slowly begin to get used to their new workout routine, and command structure of the coast guard as well.

Fourth Week

This is the week wherein you will undergo a lot of tests. The fitness test will be conducted during this week, and it will act as a sort of mid-term examination. And if you do end up passing the physical fitness examine, you will then be able to fill in your ideal location for where you want to be posted in your first time serving in the Coast Guard. Another test that recruits will undergo is the sharpshooting test. If you score high enough in the shooting test, you may be assigned as a sharpshooter in your team. Further hands-on training will also be conducted such as working on a seamanship.

Fifth to the Seventh week

During weeks 5 to 7, recruits will undergo an even more intense workout training compared to the previous weeks. In this period of time, recruits may begin acting like they are used to being in the Armed Forces for the very first time. And training will progress into even more practical things during this week. Recruits may be taught first aid and even watch standing during their sixth week. They may also be taught about the military entitlements that they avail of, in order to help them with their career in the military. During the 7th week, preparations will also be made to prepare recruits for the inevitable graduation during the 8th and final week of Coast Guard Training. These sorts of preparations can include travel arrangements for upcoming postings and other kinds of practical things. During this time, the posting and the future team for the new recruit will already be decided. This will ensure that the recruit will have somewhere to be assigned to after they have already left Camp May.

Eighth week

The final week is also the graduation of the Coast Guard Recruits. Graduation in Camp May is usually on the Friday of the eighth week. It will usually be an outdoors graduation at Camp May too. The families of the recruits may also be invited to attend the event. Overall, the graduation week is a very proud time for everyone involved including the training staff at Camp May too?

These are all of the steps that Coast Guard recruits will experience during their training. From arrival to graduation, each and every person in the Coast Guard has experienced all of this. So they are all competently trained and can handle any situation that may arise whenever they are on the job.