Water Sports for the Summer

What are some water sports to try out this summer?

On lakes, rivers or by the sea, the summer can be spent very pleasantly, if you try out a bunch of different water sports. And there are many different sports that you can do.

Although swimming is fun and you can do it in the vast majority of waters – that is not the only thing that you can do on the water. You will become very happy if you try out different water-related activities such as rowing, stand up paddling or wakeboarding will give you a lot of entertainment. But those are not the only activities that you can do on the water, here are some other water sports that are worth checking out.


Wakeboarding is similar to waterskiing – you can pull yourself off a boat or lift and do daring jumps. The keel shaft of the boat or hills at the wakeboard lift are used as take-off ramp. Similar to snowboarding you stand on the board sideways to the direction of travel. Not only does this sport teach you to keep your balance, it also trains many different muscle groups, and is thus a very good activity for the body.

Diving or snorkelling

If you want to explore the depths of lakes, rivers or the sea, you have to be very healthy. In the suitability test for sea diving, they will check out your lung, heart, ears, and even sinuses. All of these should not cause any problems when you go diving. In general, divers must be physically strong and able to swim longer distances. In diving, especially the leg and especially the calf muscles are stressed, to a lesser extent also arm and back muscles too

If you do not want to go down so deep, you can snorkel instead. You can get close to the marine life that is swimming around in whatever body of water that you are snorkelling in.


Humanity has been using canoes to travel on the water for some several thousand years. One difference between kayaks and canoes is that kayaks that are closed at the top and the rower’s legs are hidden inside, and Kayaks are open at the top. In contrast to rowing, canoeing does not use the power of the legs – the sport builds up arm, abdominal , shoulder and back muscles . There are canoes for 1 to 4 people. If you prefer a bit more adventurous, you can practice canoeing in white-water rapids.


You can sail alone in a small dinghy or together with a team on a larger sailing ship. Sailing challenges your own skills and it trains you to keep your balance. The entire body is used in trying to maintain the course of the sailboat that you are on.




Rowing does not only strengthen your arms – almost the entire body is trained in performing the rowing movements, making the sport unique. Shoulders, stomach, legs, buttocks, and back muscles are strengthened. In addition to building muscle, the cardiovascular system is also strengthened. Rowing can be done alone or in a team of up to 8 people plus a helmsman.