Best Boat Manufacturers

Top 5 Best Boat Manufacturers across the World

If you love water transport, then you must probably be owning boats and might be interested in buying a new one as well. Here are the top 5 boat manufacturing companies that you must have a look at.

Best Boat Manufacturers

List of the Best Boat Manufacturers:


Bayliner has been in existence since the year 1957. Having manufacturing units and selling points in more than 60 different countries, Bayliner is so far the largest manufacturer of recreational boats. The most favorite product of the Bayliner product range that many people prefer is the 175 Bowrider, though there are about 25 different types that come under this banner. This is because 175 Bowrider has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a first-time user. So this boat has earned unanimous love and support from all boat lovers.

Chris Craft:

Chris Craft was founded in the year 1922 under a different banner, and this brand came into the picture in the year 1924. This is probably one of the long-time boat manufacturers that still exist in the market successfully. Chris Crafts emerged into the market as the toughest competitor for other boat manufacturers after the launch of their mahogany-hulled power boats that was in production for almost 30 years that is from the beginning of the 1920s to the late 1950s. The best part of the Chris-Craft boats is that they are designed as products that quench your desire for boats, and that is what makes Chris Craft boats majestic on the sea.

Sea Ray:

The next on the list is Sea Ray. Sea Ray has a large range of boats both for sports and recreational purposes. Most Sea Ray boats are tough, solid and are designed to stay calm without oscillation or disturbance even in the toughest weather. This is one reason that is making most boat lovers pick a Sea Ray over other brands even today. Its strongly built body and the rugged hold it has on water has made it a tough competitor for other boat manufacturers in the market.

Formula Boats:

Formula Boats is a brand owned by Thunderbird Products. Formula oats manufacture a large range of boats, yachts, sports boats among others. The best part of this brand is that customers can make design their own boats by telling their manufacturers like, dislikes and requirements, which means Formula boats have come up with custom-made boats as well. Formula Boats is an US-based company, however, has its branches all over the world. There are about 22 different models that are manufactured under this brand.

Boston Whaler:

Boston Whaler is an American boat manufacturing company based in Florida. The brand came into existence in the year 1958 and was founded by Dick Fisher. Though they were first manufactured in Massachusetts initially, the production activities were then shifted to Florida where it is present even today. All boats that are manufactured in Boston Whaler are boats that are made of Fiberglass.